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Hi! I am SUVI

Thanks for dropping by! My name is SUVI and I am a singer, songwriter from Los Angeles. I am originally from South India but I live in California now. I love making music and creating content that helps other creatives. I am always on a spiritual and mindful journey to optimize my life and in turn teach folks like you how to do the same. If you find that intriguing join my mailing list below. See you there! 

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Listen to All My Independent Releases on One Spotify Playlist!

Each like and follow not only enriches your playlist but also supports my journey as an artist, helping me share more of the music we both love.


Wanna Collab with Me on A Song?

I love blending unique sounds and crafting memorable melodies, I bring not only my voice but also a fresh perspective to every project.

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Free Songwriting & Music Business Tips

There is so much we can learn about the music business without years of music school like how it used to be in the past. If you are a songwriter, producer or artist, gain access to my free resources and grow your MUSIC EMPIRE!!

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My Blog on Medium

My story is quite out of the ordinary. I moved from South India to America in 2011 and created my own little world of music, love for food and memories with my new family here. Read my blog " Malayali In Cali" to gain insight into my culture and my life here in California.

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