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Who Am I?

Empowerment Through Music

Hey there! I'm SUVI, a passionate LA-based singer, songwriter, DJ, content creator & educator. Originating from Kerala, India, I blend traditional Indian melodies with Pop and Hip Hop to create my unique sound - 'Edgism'. My music journey has led me to collaborate with legends like A.R. Rahman, Alex Marley, Space Motion, Illayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja and become a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. My tracks have found homes on MTV USA, E Entertainment, and Variety. I love writing music with each melody designed to amplify a story. I moved from India to Los Angeles in 2011 upon winning a full ride scholarship from Musicians Institute in Hollywood. When I'm not song writing, you can find me spinning House, Afrobeat, and Bollywood tracks, creating artsy and educative content on my social media channels and building my business SyncTogether. I believe in empowering the next generation with my music and sharing my passion for music business education. I'm excited to share this journey with you in today's dynamic, ever-evolving music landscape. So come join me and my community so we can uplift musicians and other creatives in their life's journey! If you are here for my music, to work with me, or to empower your music business, then click on the respective tabs to get started. Good Luck!

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